Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Baking

To pick up where I left off yesterday, I have several more photos (thanks to my wonderful husband) of the things I've been baking lately.

I made Banana Bread from the Flour cookbook.  I've talked about this book before.  I think it's an incredible book.  Nothing I've made from here has turned out bad...nothing.  Her instructions are incredible and the taste of the product is divine!  This banana bread takes a bit more work than most but it's worth it.

I made a Frozen Strawberry Pie from the Taste of Home Pies Recipe Card.  But the recipe called for frozen whipped topping and I have an objection to using that kind of stuff in my deserts, so I made my own whipped cream version of it and used that.

I also made some Chocolate Malted Cookies from Taste of Home 100 Best Recipes 1011  However the cookies spread way too much and ended up looking nothing like the picture of the recipe.  It could have been because I chose to use butter instead of shortening.  It may also just have been not enough flour.  I'll probably try these again sometime and make sure the flour is measured precisely as well as chill the dough before I bake the cookies.  That should help.

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